Do the spirits of Plano’s pioneer residents still walk among us? Do the halls of historic Plano buildings still echo with eerie sounds of the past?

Many people who live and work in the downtown area believe the homes and commercial buildings they occupy are haunted. Just for fun, we’re sharing some of our favorite ghost stories in this Haunted Plano History Scavenger Hunt.

How to play: Download the PDF below. Print, complete, scan and return via email to info@planoconservancy.org. Or print out and return by mail. The first 25 entries received with correct answers will win a free signed copy of Haunted Plano! Entries must be RECEIVED no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, October 30. Answers will be published here beginning October 23, one per day.

Some members of the Masonic Lodge think J.W. Shepherd still haunts the halls. What year did the Masons move into the building? (Hint: check the façade.) 
The first Plano law enforcement officer to die in the line of duty was killed here in a robbery in 1920.   What was his name?  (Hint: Look for the historical marker nearby.)    
According to the lore of the Chaddick family, which has owned the building for generations, a crime took place here many years ago. Some think that explains why occupants of the upstairs offices occasionally hear mysterious footsteps and sounds of a woman’s screams. What was the crime?  

Stage crew in the theater once located in the basement of this building reported sounds of a giggling ghost who seemed to like peanut butter.  What was the name of the theater? 

You can find this tombstone in Young Cemetery and other cemeteries in Plano. What does its distinctive shape signify about the person buried there? 
Residents of this vintage Plano home on E. 16th Street have heard mysterious piano music and caught glimpses of a woman in Edwardian dress. Built in 1898 for Col. Henry C. Overaker and his new bride, the house is known today by its second owner. What was his name?
Inside the ArtCentre of Plano, you’ll see this photo of the building’s original owner. Some staff members think she resents the intrusion and blame her for strange happenings in the building at night. What was her first and last name? 
At Halloween, Plano kids once whispered that one little girl buried here was doomed to eternal torment, due to a mysterious symbol on her tombstone.  What’s the name of cemetery? (Hint: It’s a small cemetery, located on the east side in a residential neighborhood.) And what was the symbol that caused the speculation?   
Along K Avenue, between 15th and 14th streets, you can spot ghost signs in two locations, advertising three long-gone Plano businesses. Name one of the businesses. (Hint: Stand in front of 1418 Coffeeshop and look left and up.)


To enter, download this PDF, complete, scan and email (info@planoconservancy.org) or mail. Entries must be received by Friday, October 30 at 5 p.m.

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