Young Cemetery Restoration

In 1847 a small cemetery was started on the Texas prairie, just south of West Rowlett Creek. Today that cemetery is landlocked by an apartment complex to the west and a golf course to the south and east.  The one-acre site was set aside for family members and friends who helped settle the area near the present-day crossroads of Plano, McKinney, Frisco and Allen.


The first burial at the cemetery was Patience Ann Cornell Young. Thomas Finley who fought in the War of 1812 is buried at Young Cemetery. Most of the people buried in Young Cemetery are related by blood or marriage.

The land grant of Jacob Baccus included the ara around the cemetery which remained in the family until the 1970s. The cemetery is now under the care of the Young Family Cemetery Association and is recognized as a Historic Texas Cemetery by the Texas Historical Commission.  Historic Texas Cemetery by the Texas Historical Commission.

The The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, in partnership with Texas Cemetery Restoration, recently completed a restoration of the cemetery monuments. This project was funded by a grant from the City of Plano’s Heritage Commission.




Young Cemetery is located south of the Sam Rayburn Tollway and east of Independence Parkway. Visitors should enter through the Estancia at Ridgeview Ranch Apartments.

5 thoughts on “Young Cemetery Restoration

  1. This is a lovely page on the Young Cemetery. Thank you for creating it. Just to clarify, Gladys Young and her mother, Eliza Ann Wilkerson Young, are buried at Rowlett Creek Cemetery, not the Young Cemetery.


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